We are a coalition of like-minded organizations & individuals to fight the pandemic of COVID-19 & find ways to end it.

We seek your partnership, co-operation, & ideas to save humanity.

It is conceptualised by Dr. Huz


Panic is not real, the only place it exists is in our thoughts about the future. Fight-Corona.net provides accurate information.

Worry & Stress

Faith and trust in our Government and Health care providers will help them help us. Human will overcome this challenge.

Help & Support the underprivileged

Contribute yourself and encourage your associates to raise funds to feed families.

Dr Huz

A Message

Founder of  “The World Peacekeepers Movement”, an online movement comprising of more than 2 million peacekeepers. Based on the 7 Peace Values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience, and Truth.