Let’s join WASH hands to fight Corona Spread


A Corona Warrior works for the upliftment of humanity.

The COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the fabric of human society.
Play your part to save humanity.

7 Roles of a Corona Warrior

1 - The Pledge

Pledge to fight the virus.

2- The Practice

Practice good personal hygiene.

3 - The Principle

Follow principles of social distancing.

4 - The Knowledge

Spread knowledge on how to contain the spread at both personal & community level.

5 - Help the needy

Raise money for the poor so that they are not pushed to extinction.

6 - Support & Encourage Corona Warriors

Appreciate and support the Corona Warriors who are working tirelessly to overcome the pandemic.

7 - Get Serious

Take the threat of Corona seriously & do not endanger your family, and community.

“Fight-Corona, Save Humanity”