Let’s join WASH hands to fight Corona Spread

CG Corp

About CG Corp

The catastrophic earthquake of 1934 crippled commerce and social infrastructure in Nepal. This acted as the catalyst, which augmented the need for rebuilding. Under the Rana Regime, the first row of shops along the popular Juddha Sadak (the present New Road) took shape. It was here that the founder Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary was given a shop on a yearly rental fee of Rs. 200, which eventually increased to Rs 500. It was situated opposite the present Bishal Bazaar and dealt in textiles imported from various parts of India.

The late Bhuramull Chaudhary having started his business in a humble manner by importing fabrics from India was also one of the few privileged businessmen permitted to enter the then Rana palace of Shri Shri Shri Judha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary along with his son carried items from his shop to the palace with the help of several porters and arranged an open shop in the courtyard for the Queen, courtiers and the King’s people.

This operation functioned under the informal name of Bhuramull Lunkaran Das (those were the days when no registration of private business firms was required). After the demise of the founder, Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary, young Lunkaran Das Chaudhary took over the reigns of the business at the age of 23 and took it to a whole new dimension. He embarked on a lucrative business of exporting jute from Biratnagar to USA & Europe. He imported fabrics from Japan & Korea under the name of Bhuramull Lunkaran and Arun Impex.

Modern Hosiery Industries Pvt. Ltd. – 1965 A modern hosiery industry producing high quality hosiery goods under the brand name of ‘RHINO’. Although a pioneer in this field, the industry maintains its leadership by marketing its products competitively with imported substitute.

Nepal Spinning, weaving & knitting Pvt. Ltd: 1965 A modern textile unit manufacturing synthetic fabrics from imported yarn. This industry has been licensed to manufacture 6.3 million meters, process/finish 8.0 million meters of fabric and produce 1,166 meters of partially oriented yarn.

Ratna Stainless Steel Pvt. Ltd. 1967 It was established in 1967 in Birgunj. It is a leading manufacturing unit of stainless steel utensils and tableware, which is also a semiautomatic plant.

This was the first ever-furnishing outlet in Nepal under the banner of Flooring and Furnishing Center. In a short time the center had setup several major branches all over the country and had also established linkages with leading manufacturers of flooring and furnishing materials from India as well as abroad.

The highlights of this programme are:

  1. CG Corp employees register themselves as Corona Warriors
  2. CG Corp adopts the slum of Santosh Nagar in Goregaon, Mumbai ( approx. population: 30050, approx. 6010 families )
  3. Support to 1 family is Rs.1100 per month
  4. List of groceries, toiletries:
    • 5 kilos Aata Rs.300/-
    • 1.5 kilos Sugar Rs.60/-
    • 1 litre Oil Rs.125/-
    • 1 kilo Tea Rs.295/-
    • 2 kilos Rice Rs.120/-
    • 500 grams Tur Dal Rs.75/-
    • 500 grams Masoor Dal Rs.65/-
    • 2 Soap Rs.60/-
    • TOTAL Rs. 1100/-
  • Programme will be implemented by the Warriors of Wockhardt Foundation: in case CG Corp employees wish to take part they are welcome.
  • CG Corp employees will raise money through their contacts, the money will be transferred to the Wockhardt Foundation payment gateway online.
  • To ensure transparency a weekly list of beneficiaries will be provided by Wockhardt Foundation.
  • The Warriors of Wockhardt Foundation will give their service free of cost as volunteers.
  • Bills will be uploaded to ensure transparency.

Support for Santosh Nagar Slum adopted by CG CORP

Help raise funds to feed approx 6010 families.

Only ₹1100 Per Family

  • 5 Kg Aata ₹ 300/-
  • 1.5 Kg Sugar ₹ 60/-
  • 1L Oil ₹ 125/-
  • 1Kg Tea ₹ 295/-
  • 2 Kg Rice ₹ 120/-
  • 500 Gms Tur Dal ₹ 75/-
  • 500 Gms Masoor Dal ₹ 65/-
  • 2 Soaps ₹ 60/-

TOTAL ₹ 1100/-

TARGET: ₹ 66.11 Lakhs.

Adopted by: