How to raise funds

1. The first step is to Become a Corona Warrior to register click link below:


2. Fill the form as given on the page

3. In Company drop-down select your company: (As shown in the image below)

4. Accept terms & condition & click register

5. Go to Corporate menu and from drop-down select your company

6. Read the Highlights of the programme

7. Scroll down and click on the Slum your company is supporting for

8. Click on the Contribute button

9. If you want to contribute for more than a family update the number in the box as shown below and click update cart

10. Then click Proceed to checkout

11. If already logged in follow step 12 or click Click here to login

12. Fill up your billing details

13. Scroll down to payment gateway option and select the payment gateway from which you want to pay (Ignore if only one payment gateway is given)

14. Accept the terms and conditions and click pay now

15. On the next screen choose your payment method and/or enter your payment details and Contribute

16. After contribution, you can do more contribution whenever you want & see your order details in Account details page as well as you can view your account details

17. Note: If your payment is processed successfully you will only see the view button to see your order. Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues

a. To share go to Corona Warrior Account Page under Account Details menu

b. Go to Marketing and click Warrior Links

c. Share it on Social media