Let’s join WASH hands to fight Corona Spread


About Vakrangee

Being one of the largest franchisee-based, multi-service retail network, Vakrangee is focused on creating India’s extensive network of last-mile retail outlets at every postal code in the country, enabling Indians to benefit from financial, social and digital inclusion.

Through our vast network of outlets, we are driving financial, digital and social inclusion in rural India. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure that every Indian has the opportunity to benefit from financial, digital and social inclusion and has access to the global marketplace. Financial inclusion is achieved through the promotion of Government’s financial and social inclusion initiatives such as PMJDY and social security insurance schemes. Through our Kendras, we provide universal access to banking, insurance and pension schemes as well as Direct Benefit Transfer of subsidies.

We are taking the financial and digital literacy to the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid and serving as the last-mile link to connect India’s unserved and underserved rural and urban citizens by offering them the same products and services at the same time, competitive price and same service levels. We are acting as the biggest equaliser by bridging the gap between the urban and rural population in India.

At Vakrangee, they follow a franchisee-based model whereby the franchisee is a member of the local community. They direct our efforts towards empowering rural entrepreneurship, employment generation as well as skill development, thereby bringing urban convenience at the doorsteps of rural dwellers.

The highlights of this programme are:

  1. Vakrangee employees register themselves as Corona Warriors
  2. Vakrangee adopts the slum of Baman Wada, Mumbai (approx. 13024 families)
  3. Support to 1 family is Rs.1100 per month
  4. List of groceries, toiletries:
    • 5 kilos Aata Rs.300/-
    • 1.5 kilos Sugar Rs.60/-
    • 1 litre Oil Rs.125/-
    • 1 kilo Tea Rs.295/-
    • 2 kilos Rice Rs.120/-
    • 500 grams Tur Dal Rs.75/-
    • 500 grams Masoor Dal Rs.65/-
    • 2 Soap Rs.60/-
    • TOTAL Rs. 1100/-
  • Programme will be implemented by the Warriors of Wockhardt Foundation: in case Vakrangee employees wish to take part they are welcome.
  • Vakrangee employees will raise money through their contacts, the money will be transferred to the Wockhardt Foundation payment gateway online.
  • To ensure transparency a weekly list of beneficiaries will be provided by Wockhardt Foundation.
  • The Warriors of Wockhardt Foundation will give their service free of cost as volunteers.
  • Bills will be uploaded to ensure transparency.

Support for Baman Wada Slum adopted by VAKRANGEE

Help raise funds to feed approx 13024 families.

Only ₹1100 Per Family

  • 5 Kg Aata ₹ 300/-
  • 1.5 Kg Sugar ₹ 60/-
  • 1L Oil ₹ 125/-
  • 1Kg Tea ₹ 295/-
  • 2 Kg Rice ₹ 120/-
  • 500 Gms Tur Dal ₹ 75/-
  • 500 Gms Masoor Dal ₹ 65/-
  • 2 Soaps ₹ 60/-

TOTAL ₹ 1100/-

TARGET: ₹ 1.43 Crores.

Adopted by: